Sunday, August 9, 2009 & VagaBond Nyc

Earlier this summer we stumbled upon, a site that's devoted to style and delivers insightful tips with a bold dose of enthusiasm and deft hand of confidence, all in an effort to make fashion and all of the trivialities that come with it so much easier. With the fashion world as it is today, and with the woes of the world, it's honestly rather refreshing that Focus On Style is a site you can totally depend on for all of the smartest tips without having to deal with the pretentious airs other savvy media outlets surround themselves with. FoS happens to be one of those rare diplomatic occurrences in fashion where you don't have to feel like you are sacrificing anything to get honest, sincere advice.

We were so plused by the over-all tone of the site that we immediately contacted it's founder, fashion expert & stylist Sharon Haver to see if we could get in on the action with some smart collaborations! And Sharon is one enthusiastic fashion expert, with a bouncy spirit and a non-stop roll of concise fashion sound bytes, it's easy to see why her site is so unique.

Last month we styled a few videos with Sharon and our house model Nora for Barney's New York & that were focused on adapting classic wardrobe foundation pieces. And this Sept yours truly will be covering the Spring 2010 fashion shows for FoS with reviews that we hope you find equally insightful, honest and in-depth.

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