Sunday, August 2, 2009 Our latest guilty pleasure and time waster.

WE (or maybe just "I") didn't do much at all yesterday but pour over the amazing sale at YOOX- more amazing than it's ever ever been and that means 5 or 6 hours imagining ourselves in that Stella yeti-sleeved blanket zip cardi that used to be 1400 bucks and is now 500 and on to the Jetson shouldered Comme wonders and then the Clare Tough goodness and endlessly until like an overloaded energy-grid our (my) brains just stopped. The eyes were open and really wanted to keep going, but the connection was off. I took a nap and Naveed took off. I didn't buy anything which is good. I guess. I did however later come upon my favorite new guilty pleasure blog. Trust Fun! Presents Fashematics - A simple brilliant concept blog run by smart-asses with good taste wrapped in an astute silly, brilliant, sharp pop culture critique.
The perfect palette cleanser after a sunny aft wasted gorging oneself on Yoox.

This is one of the less rtw focused equations and maybe an annoying insidey sorta thing. Still, it's my favorite. It says so much with so little. Ahhh:

I'm sorry W. You are by far BY FAR the best of the three (Vogue, Bazaar... y'know) but it's hard to justify spending 4 bucks on one editorial and 12 ads. That said, if it's a spread shot by Juergen or Inez+Vinoodh and/or is styled by Camilla Nickerson or Joe Mckenna, I'll throw down. But things aren't looking good...YOOX would and could do well to offer W a few chunks from it's grotesquely over-stuffed larder.

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