Monday, August 31, 2009

Wherein V harp on Holly Harp....

"I'm not trying to do tasteful little uniforms. Being dressed in perfect taste is very aging. I still have a sexy little girl in me that won't quit."-Holly Harp

80's HOLLY HARP Sheer Layered Dress

Vnyc has scored very few Holly Harp pieces in our time and this one puts those to shame. The shape, the ruched elbow length sleeves, the frothiest silk mesh overlay, the muted embroidery at the hem, & that it is Black makes it a perennial. Past scores were lovely of course but they were more L.A, maxi's likely accessorized with a fairy crystal hair band.

This one is dark and flou, more New York or Paris, more Lou or Charlotte and best with Demuelemeester boots and messy hair. Most important to us is that it is absolutely signature Holly. And Holly, come to find out, was a bit of a rebel. A California girl who's designs were intentionally counter-culture and worn by Janis Joplin and other tough hippie chicks of the me-generation.

In 1977, she recounted that one of her poppy hued shifts reminded her of a flame, and so to enhance this effect she blow-torched and charred its edges. She abhorred conventional dressing and had no regard for "age appropriate" clothing and uniformity in dressing. She is, to us at Vnyc, a sort of Baudelaire of fashion: Her designs are beautiful and romantic but also inherently defiant. Stevie Nicks mixed with Patty Smith. Very Vagabondnyc.

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