Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Objets Trouves by Kate Linstrom

Objets Trouves is a wonderfully lighthearted, fantastic little gem of a label designed and produced in New York by our dear friend and old neighbor, Kate Linstrom. Linstrom channels inspiration from her vagabonding days throughout Europe, her stint managing contemporary art at Sotheby's and from unusual finds at flea markets and vintage emporiums. What makes Objets Trouves stand-out among other young talent is it's sheer wearability. While many other young designers tend to seem over zealous in their aesthetic, Linstrom's line happens to retain a delicate freshness and unexpected reserve while at the same time offering a new twist to tried-&-true classics. Her line is cohesive, ultimately femme and playful, yet there is also a smart, sporty undertone that unexpectedly gives the line an uplifting sense of strength, saving it from the frivolity of being overtly precious. This carefully conceived foundation, subversive yet controlled tension gives Linstrom the freedom to incorporate today's trends in a tone that's completely her own. Silk-screened within each garment is a "lost object"--a secret hidden from view and to be discovered, ensuring that each piece is as unique as the wearer, and with budget friendly price-points, we can't think of a line that gets any sweeter than this!

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