Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Accessory of the Week: 80's Tiger Wrestler Belt

There was a time a few years back where we were all about maxing out our wardrobes with sometimes ironic, often humorous yet totally cool outrageous pieces from the 80's, yet maybe it's something about getting older, or the current focus of fashion, that we now think there was a time & a place for that. We have always found that while vintage is of course always an option with endless limits, it's better to incorporate pieces, rather than pull out a head-to-toe look, which ends up looking costumey and too retro. And with proportion defining wide belts de rigeur today, we find this quirky, if not outrageous bold yellow wrestler inspired belt to be a chic way to hit-up the 80's, one piece at a time. It boasts red & black tiger striped side panels complete with studs and a large silver plaque with a 3-D carved Egyptian Pharoah's head. We'd like to think of it as Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci meets She-Ra: Princess of Power.

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