Saturday, March 28, 2009

Romantic Warrior: 1990 Krizia Bullet Bead Jacket

With fierce warrior woman get-ups de rigeur on every major runway and on every urban-minded shopper's must-have lists, we couldn't be more enthused by one of our favorite finds, this slick, commanding 1990 KRIZIA plush velveteen jacket with bold shoulders that are covered with major titanium hued bullet beads. As you can see from this original ad we found, the beading seems to have been intended for that era's maximalist, opulent times, however we feel its context today reads more Mad Max than James Galanos. Its iridescent sheen and rich purple tie-die effect lend the other-worldly beading a sumptuously feminine romantic/rough divide that sobers its overall hardcore sci-fi aesthetic.

90's KRIZIA Tie-Die Bullet Bead Warrior Jacket

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