Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Going Green: Nature vs. Future

With the Green agenda finally hitting fashion over the past few season's, we can't think of a more humorously chic way to support the effort than with this sassy(we can use that word for once!) mid 90's irredescent green MOSCHINO Cheap & Chic skirt suit. It is composed of what looks to be like photo prints of the earth & moon, boasts chunky plastic bobble-like buttons complete with pictures of the moon in them and it's jacket is paneled with contrasting stripes of text spelling out "Nature" on the front & "Future" on the back. It also has that era's fabulous cut with it's fitted, short jacket and sexy abbreviated skirt. Even almost 15 years later, it still makes quite a strong statement about the current friction between modernity & the mess it can make vs. nature. Talk about making a delightful in-your-face social remark.
90's MOSCHINO Nature vs. Future Printed Skirt Suit-$388

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