Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Getting Dressed with StyleCaster & Vagabondnyc

Being an online entity like VagaBondnyc is, and being internet junkies ourselves, we are quite aware of how finding the right informative fashion/shopping websites isn't normally the easiest thing, in fact it's daunting to say the least. But we also know that when you do find them, it's like you've uncovered some sacred revelation, one that offers you a payback of endless information. The problem is that there are millions of blogs, fashion devoted networking sites and so on, so we understand how easy it is to feel lost/overwhelmed.

But then this summer we came across StyleCaster.com, a newly launched multi-media site that's devoted to fashion, shopping, and the joy of getting dressed. At first sight we were caught not only by how beautifully crisp the overall look of the site is, but also by it's lighthearted tone while offering what we think is some great, well-edited advice. The thing is, a lot of the other sites we have come across of this nature aren't really catering to our kind of girl, one that's style is sincere and street smart, there's no "old Hollywood" b.s with StyleCaster. We like their taste.

Stylecaster offers everything you want, and every corner they cover, they do very well. It offers cool street style shots, shopping advice, fashion news & updates, music notes and features hundreds of well picked items with full shopping details, all with a warm communal vibe.

What's exponentially beneficial is that when you become a member, each morning you are offered a line of well styled dressing options based on your area's weather, complete with shopping advice. And with New York's unpredictable weather, we couldn't think of anything more helpful.

VagaBondnyc has gotten to style about 35+ looks for their daily "Style Line" feature which for us is a treat because we get to go into their high-tech studio space that's stocked with everything from Etro to Giambatista Valli, and mix it up with our favorite vintage finds from VagaBondnyc.com.

Four of our "Style Line" looks are featured above and to check out all of our looks visit StyleCaster.com

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