Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shop-Talk Nyc: Orchard St.'s Ale et Ange

One of us is lucky enough to live right above Ale Et Ange on Orchard St, one of New York's sweetest new boutiques to recently pop-up. Charmingly located in the basement of #37 Orchard, it's super-cute facade complete with red door, green siding and naively painted flowers is a good indicator of the easy classics that are in-store. Once you're down the welcoming flight of stairs expect to feel as if you've walked into a soothing, dream get-away with it's charming use of retro fixtures used as display curios, stone walls and rustic appeal. The warm space houses an eponymous line of classic, well-made men's and women's preppy staples & accessories as well as a line of apothecary items.

Ale Et Ange is located at 37 Orchard st.-basement level

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hideo said...

I love this place, love it. Been hearing some very upsetting closing rumors.