Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rachel Zoe in 70's Yves Saint Laurent

Over the past decade the importance or prominence rather of stylists celebrity or not has risen exponentially. There are now books about stylist's, scores of t.v shows dedicated to their insights and no one can argue that many stylist's are now household names. And then there's Rachel Zoe, at the center of it all.

We have to admit that being stylist's ourselves and having a profound interest in fashion like we do, Zoe was not someone we were immediately ready to listen to. First off, we aren't fans of celebrities using stylist's, and more importantly, it's that L.A attitude towards fashion that turned us off. That was all until we saw the Rachel Zoe Project, yes her sound bytes are a little flamboyant for us, but we also have to admit that Zoe does her job very, very well and does have a great instinct for fashion.

So we were excited when we saw Zoe wearing our same 70's era YVES SAINT LAURENT coated wet-look wrap blouse. It looks great on her styled with a sequined beret and it's coated surface and rich jewel tones make it easy for us to see why she'd sport such a smart blouse. What's even better is that we're sure Zoe picked hers up at one of those overpriced vintage shops in L.A while ours is only $144!!! Snap it up ladies!

Our 70's Yves Saint Laurent Coated Blouse-$144(above)

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