Sunday, September 6, 2009

Smart Buy: Mid 90's Gucci Jersey Column Dress

With the state of the world today, fashion's recent forays into maximalism sound out of the question at the moment, and we find that now more than ever is the time for understated, refined and quietly sophisticated pieces. So long Balmania, bye-bye ethnic prints & new rave and all of the other over-designed accoutrements that came with those heavy-on-the-eye trends. Take our latest Smart Buy for instance, this mid-90's white fluid GUCCI jersey column dress from one of Tom Ford's earlier blockbuster collections for the house, we find it to be a perfect example of beauty in it's purest form.

We like to think of it as a palette cleansing essential, where the true beauty of this piece is reduced to the simple impact of shape and silhouette, giving it that pure, therapeutic ease that we find necessary for today. And since it is so simple while being quietly dramatic, think of how many ways you can wear it year-round! After all, streamlining your look with this languid length & sinuous silhouette sounds like a rather refreshing way to approach the end of this decade.
Mid 90's White Gucci Jersey Column Dress-$294

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