Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: The Costume Institute's "Model As Muse" Gala

Sasha Pivavora striking in Giambattista Valli with the designer himself.

We at VagaBondnyc aren't usually ones to point fingers at red-carpet events because they are usually so controlled these days that they are beyond boring, however with this year's latest Met gala, devoted to the "Model as Muse," we felt like we were finally given some material to go hog-wild with! First off, the crew in charge of photographing the event should be dismissed, everyone looks like they just exited Popeye's(fried chicken face), nobody's legs look good from the angles they shot from(look at Anne Hathaway's) and in general, these people look all too much like common folk(look at Topshop's Sir Phillip Green & family looking as if they were diverted on their way to Atlantic City). Overall, thanks to this crew and their detrimental coverage and quite a few detrimental fashion choices, we wanted to take a moment and celebrate not only the good, but the really ugly as well! We find it especially enthralling since over this past decade we have seen fashion watered down by celebrity and their so-called know-it-all stylist's, and finally for once, we get to see that many of these people actually don't know whats good.

The Good:

Lou Doillon in Nina Ricci with the house's last designer, Olivier Thyskens, proves just how important and forward thinking of a designer this still "young" talent really is.

Anna Jagodzinska, in Altuzarra, perfectly reflecting fashion's current moods in one of our favorite new labels.

Vanessa Traina in Phi, the hair, the dress, the ease...this look maybe more bar ready, but yet it also hits fashions current mood dead-on.

Kristen McMenamy in Givenchy Haute Couture with Julien D'Ys, two very enigmatic, rarely seen icons looking great.

The Bad:
Leighton Meester in Louis Vuitton has appropriately been referred to as "court jester" & "jack-in-the-box" and we agree! This Vuitton collection was so Lacroix, and we did actually like it, yet on Meester and many of the others that night, it needs to be worn in pieces, because this is just way too much Baroque-ness for today. And besides having that smug look, that "I look so darn cute look," what's up with her awful skin-toned hair???

Madonna in Louis Vuitton, in heavy thigh-high witch boots topped off by a big mangled scrunchy on her head. At her age, it would have been smarter for her to go Sasha Pivavora's polished route, rather than the sloppy back-up dancer she showed up as.

Anna Hathaway in Marc Jacobs sporting one of the fakest updo's ever, and by fake we mean that Hathaway has probably never worn her hair like this, and has never even thought of it, she looks like she's channeling Wonder Woman more than Bridgette Bardot. We just imagine a team of stylists telling her how "old Hollywood" she looked before the event when in reality she looks like she is ready for a Tresseme ad shoot. And note how the bad photography just kills her body, those thighs & knees.

Michael Jackson is that you? No it's Lisa Airan in Balmain... Does she ever look good? Everything on this "society darling" is almost always soooo wrong, and is always lacking sincerity! And besides picking on her, who is NOT tired of Balmain now?

Victoria Beckham in Marc Jacobs, enough is enough! Something about Beckham, whether she is in Couture or jeans, just looks so cheap. She to us, is NOT fashion, instead she is just another new-money footballer's wife with a big mouth and a grotesque ego to match. And those shoes? Whatever Marc Jacobs has been doing at his own namesake label and at Vuitton, this event seems to be proof that this designer is fresh out of Good ideas.


Anonymous said...

1. We can all thank Rachel Zoe for Anne Hathaway's 'Valley of the Dolls' styling fiasco
2. To Marc Jacobs: please stop blatantly stealing ideas from the past. There is no translation of concepts, just plain old copying. Oh, and by the way, Jean Paul Gaultier wants his kilt and style back. Shame, shame, shame!

Jules said...

hahah wow u guys were spot on esp for meester I mean that is clearly not HER.Madonna fought for the right to wear those boots Rihanna also wanted to wear them...I guess Rihanna got the last laugh....well not really because I didnt like that tuxedo look but she did look better than madonna...