Thursday, May 21, 2009

Smart Buy: 80's Fitted Leather Jacket

Forget about Alexander Wang for a moment and take a look at our latest must-have smart-buy of the moment, this ultra-urban, fitted, curved leather 80's era blazer from North Beach Leather. It's got that sleek yet sophisticated, luxe feel, is reminiscent of something from ALAIA and channels Robert Palmer's infamous back-up girls in his "Addicted to Love" video. Think about going the easy way and pairing it with a billowing chiffon maxi-dress or take it in a stronger direction and pair it with cuffed short shorts and slick hair. Back in the 80's, NORTH BEACH LEATHER was a highly coveted, almost addictive purveyor of brash, over-the-top sexy leather goods, yet something about this piece's easy composition and beautiful shape gives it a grounded, timeless feel.

80's NORTH BEACH LEATHER Fitted Blazer: $182

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