Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jump Up to Get Down: A Jumpsuit Moment

With fashion finally paying much due attention to the beloved jumpsuit over the past few season's we wanted to take a moment and share some of our own favorite one-piece-wonders. Take this ultra-oversized wide-legged 80's era KIKIT jumpsuit that's just begging to be cinched at the waist to highlight it, or this fluid YOUNG EDWARDIAN one-piece with it's naive tone-on-tone floral pattern and romantic draped neckline, and then there's this totally futurist BASILE number with it's seductively sculpted boddice. What's great about these pieces is that you can think of them as strong layering foundations for the winter months while their unadorned, overall minimal sensibilities give you a crisp starting point for summer accessorizing, and most importantly, these three black scores give you a cleaner, leaner, taller look, and who wouldn't jump up after hearing that?

Pictured above: 80's Ultra-Wide KIKIT Jumpsuit-$96

70's YOUNG EDWARDIAN Draped Front Jumpsuit-$180
80's BASILE Black Sculpted Futurist Jumpsuit-$244

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