Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fashion's Fairy Godmother: Carine Roitfeld

Two weeks ago Vogue's Anna Wintour gave 60 Minutes an exclusive interview that was good t.v for fashion junkies like ourselves, yet it didn't hit on anything new as it was filled with the exact same content that every previous interview with the editor has supplied. And while everyone loves throwing stones at Wintour, making her out to be a relentless villain, we at Vnyc find Wintour to be very smart & likable, albeit the most important person in fashion. Even after reading her unauthorized biography, View from the Front Row, we were left feeling that the author just wanted the audience to come out despising the woman, which was not quite the case for us, it made us like her even more.

And while we love French Vogue and what not, it wasn't until CNN's recent profile of editor Carine Roitfeld that got us thinking, if Wintour is stereo-typed as fashion's villain, it's Roitfeld who could be considered fashion's sweet, fairy godmother. The profile left us with a feeling that Wintour does not, where Wintour is guarded and calculated, Roitfeld is lighthearted, breezy and down-to-earth, like a goofy girlfriend who isn't afraid to let loose. In the end, while these women are very different, we can't think of a world without them.

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