Saturday, May 16, 2009

Raise Your Hands Up: 80's Gianni Versace Knits

By now you may already know that we love GIANNI VERSACE and we are big, big fans of his early knits, and as we have stated before, its his forward-thinking, revolutionary early 80's knits that really spark our interest. Take this too-cool recent find of ours, its an asymmetrical contrast knit sweater with one voluminous bat-wing sleeve that has an unexpected bold yellow panel, this piece rather stylishly points out Versace's groundbreaking contributions to the world of knitwear. Versace almost single-handedly changed the limits of knitwear with his audacious shapes and hyper color-ways and we couldn't think of a piece that's more desirable than this sweet number.

Early 80's GIANNI VERSACE Graphic Sweater

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