Sunday, May 17, 2009

Smarty Pants: Junya Wantanbe Tweed Trousers

While their propositions can be puzzling at times and quite challenging, you really can't pinpoint any of the Comme Des Garcons clan's goods as being what you could call tongue-in-cheek, or humorous even. They seem to be caught in this relentless air of over wrought intellectualism, and of the three, you could say JUNYA WANTANABE'S creations are quite serious in their revisions of the classics. And if you really break down Wantanabe's desirability, it's that he does do the best interpretations of the classics, who doesn't need a riff on the Chanel jacket that's been cautiously reconsidered, if not immensely amped up? And it's his fascination with Chanel-isms that fueled the realization of these exaggerated, abbreviated plaid trousers. Here the tension between the abstracted nubby tweed, energetic marigold colorway and graphic wide-leg results in a felicitous, optimistic effect. We also picked them up because it's not often that you get a yellow pant that's this chic, created with such restraint, not to mention the fact that we love it's crisp silhouette and men's trouser inspired cut. Above all, they have a painterly effect that just makes them a fantastic, must-have pant, full of endless, year-round layering potential.
JUNYA WANTANABE Tweed Cropped Trousers-$232

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