Monday, May 18, 2009

Still Not There:Michael Jackson in Givenchy

We have to admit that we got a little excited when we recently learned Michael Jackson was in Balmain, especially since one of us is a guy who's too small for men's clothes(which isn't a problem if you edit properly, it actually makes it more interesting), however understanding Jackson's aesthetic & personal histories, a recent spotting of him in our beloved Givenchy was not only appalling, but devastating even. The Jackson family has never been known for good taste, for putting together a forward thinking look, or for even looking just decent. Criminal is how you could describe Jackson's own costumey repertoire over the past three decades, so why, now that he's 50+ years old and the king of flop, why is he trying to keep up with Rhianna? She herself has been looking like a tawdry, cholo-fied version of Dione Warwick herself lately, so what's the deal here? Why does Ricardo Tisci seem hell-bent on whoring out his beautiful, aww-inspiring collections to people like Madonna? Man needs to use some discretion! Who hasn't been left longing for anything from Tisci's nautical grommet collection from season's ago? In the end, Michael may have ruined that collection for us at the moment, but when you think about it, it doesn’t matter if it’s Givenchy, Balmain or what have you, what’s most obvious is that he doesn’t know how to wear it.

June 25th 2009...Even So, May He Rest In Peace.


caramimi said...

i've gotta say, i think it's hilarious! courtney love wears givenchy too, and thank god i got over that heartbreak. everyone swoons for that hottie ricardo. love your blog!

dalston shopper said...

Michael looks amazing in that pic. You have to understand the world where these fashiond designers get their inspiration, it's a lot more subtle and ironic than the "by the book, tick the box" world of NY.